Ret til at dø

In English

“Right to die” is a national association whose purpose – on a professionally informed basis – is to give the patient the opportunity for self-determination in relation to ending his or her life when the suffering has become unbearable. As a dying patient, you should be able to decide for yourself when and how to end your life when all treatment options have been tried.

We therefore work to ensure that the patients get the opportunity to decide for themselves the right time to end life. Help to end life is currently dependent on the willingness of the individual physician who wants to help. We work for legislation to allow physicians to help these patients without getting on the wrong side of the law. The help must be based on the volunteering of doctors who, together with the health and medical care, must be trained and supported in this task.

With this association we would like to:

  • Collect and disseminate knowledge about self-chosen end of life
  • Gather and organize the many voices and groups that support the association’s purpose
  • Collaborate with physicians, healthcare professionals, and healthcare decision makers
  • Follow national and international developments and decisions
  • Influence legislation by engaging in dialogue with politicians at all levels and across parties

The opinion polls show that approx. 80% of Danes (2016) would like to have a law that makes it possible for the Danes to have the right to define our own end of life. We believe it is important that we gather everyone who actively wants euthanasia legalized in Denmark in a national association.

The more we are – the stronger our voice is!

The board consists of:

  • Chairman Linda Lund
  • Deputy Chairman Linda Ravn
  • Responsible for international relations and PR Flemming Schollaart
  • Cashier and webmaster Astrid Kjems

The national association Right to die has CVR no. 42208442 and address Solvænget 11, 4000 Roskilde.

E-mail: – Phone +45 24839592

It is possible to join the national association “Right to die – Denmark” under the tab ‘Membership’ (Medlemskab).

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